Core Analyst - Performance in Motion
Running in the sea is great for your hip flexors!


Following your video session, you will receive (according to what you have ordered):

Slow Motion All-Angles Video

However you have booked your session, you will receive at least two composite slow motion videos, showing synchronised front, rear, left and right views with reference lines (see Sample Videos. 'Slow motion' is currently filmed at 240 frames per second, and replays at 1/8th speed using your standard PC video player, Mac or iPad. The current video format is 1280 x 720 pixels.

Videos are uploaded to our server, and we will email you a unique link to download it. Nominal turn-around is 7 days, but we would aim to provide you with the results much quicker than this providing workload permits. The video will stay on our server for a month after sending the link.

The typical file size for two videos is 100MB, and if you do not have broadband access you will need to get a friend to download the videos for you.

Coaches' Pack

The coaches' pack is designed to make it easier for the coach or group organiser to see how all their athletes run, and get a quick idea of where their problems lie.

As an addition to the basic service, we provide a set of comparative videos, showing combinations of different runners in each. This is very useful in highlighting the differences between your athletes. You will receive both these and the individual videos in a consolidated pack, rather than separately, making the downloading of videos much easier.

The coaches pack also includes a spreadsheet indicating our own 'first pass' observations on the gait of each athlete, a cost effective way of getting an experienced eye to review the videos.

Please bear in mind that the total file size for a group of 12 people is likely to be around 2GB, which may be slow to download (30 minutes at a broadband speed of 1MB/s). We can provide a copy on DVD if required (see charges).

Individual Report

Each participant receives an explanatory report on their running action. Observations on different features of your gait will be highlighted, suggesting associations and potential causes.

Individual reports are particularly useful if you are working with a trainer, physiotherapist or other practitioner who is less experienced with the minutiae of running gait, giving them a good starting point for addressing any problems you have.

Since we base our observations on visual evidence only, and don't know anything about your current state of fitness, we cannot make specific recommendations for exercise schedules or intervention in our individual reports. However, we do suggest potential causes for further investigation or correction, which are easily picked up by a coach or physio who knows you better.